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Currently, 53 Americans have been diagnosed with coronavirus. None of these cases have been in Maryland. To this point, all cases involving U.S. residents were contracted overseas or by a close contact of someone was infected with the virus while overseas. No outbreaks have occurred in the U.S. However, as recent news reports from Italy and other countries have shown, outbreaks can begin at any point.

Although we may eventually have cases in Calvert, the work of public health agencies to slow introduction of coronavirus to America has provided additional time for hospitals, doctors and nurses, and EMS to better prepare to care for people with possible infections. This includes: 1) rapid testing to accurately diagnose coronavirus, and 2) provide the best settings to care for the sick while protecting the health of non-infected patients and other community members. Delays in spread of coronavirus also give more time for clinicians to determine the best ways to treat those with infections and for researchers to develop a vaccine.

Calvert County Health Department works with public health officials at the federal and state level as well as our counterparts in neighboring counties since viruses don’t respect political boundaries. We also routinely work with our Calvert partners at the hospital, individual medical practices, EMS, and non-health agencies including the Department of Social Services in case people who may need to be isolated in their homes require help obtaining food or temporary assistance with other basic needs.

We are very happy that no cases of coronavirus have presented in Maryland, but as noted, we continue to prepare for the potential of a change at any time. The Health Department encourages everyone to make good choices on a daily basis to decrease the spread of viruses. Stay home if you are sick. Keep children home from daycare or school until their fevers and symptoms have resolved for at least a full 24 hours. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer. Try to find ways to greet people other than shaking hands, particularly during flu season. When vaccines are available for an infection, protect yourselves and your children. Remember that the less likely you are to get sick, the less likely you are to unintentionally pass a virus on to someone else with a weak immune system who may become very ill. As good neighbors, we have an obligation to look out for others.


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