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Calvert County Health Department Core Service Agency Board Agenda and Minutes

Agenda: April 18, 2018


  • David Gale


Approval of minutes for February CSA Board meeting.

Sue Bilick- Presentation – New proposal on Homeless in Calvert County 

Old Business:

  •  Annual Plan review held on 04/10/2018 with BHA.
  •  Minor changes to data required and completed
  •  BHA Comments On Plan Review :

     -Missing Table Title (1 a.i.) Pg.18
     - Several Incorrect percentage totals on graphs
     - Requested Data Graphic format for goals next year
     - Suggested more Infusion of Peer Info to Next Year’s plan
     - Over all it looked great

New Business:

  • Financial Disclosure Forms from Board Members are due.
  • New Board Member application Sarah David
  • Review application and resume /Vote Mental Health Court
         - Overview (Wayne Millette)
         - Current Status (David Gale & Wayne Millette)


  • Adult Consumer funds ( Total Award Amount ($9,811.00 -Used $1,231.11)                                  - Funds are not being spent  

             - We have asked for approval to use the unspent money towards
                Outstanding Pharmacy (Genoa) co-pay balances for MH clients
                         - Any ideas to Re-purpose these funds

  • Reappointment – It’s about that time to start Preparing the CORE’S Annual Reappointment – Member’s listed below should let us know if their interested in being reappointed

                    (If so paperwork is attached)
JoAnn Adams -  
Patricia Estep –
Cheryl Harms –
Brenda James 
Doris McDonald
R. Spigler –
Nicole Ukoumunne

Program Updates:

  • Program update from Cynthia Middleton 
  • Program update from Wayne Millette
  • Behavioral Health update – Doris McDonald
  • Crisis Intervention Center update – Jennifer Edwards
  • On Our Own- Joanne Adams
  • DHS -  Cheryl Harms
  • Calvert County Government – Jennifer Moreland
  • Veteran affairs – Dave Spigler
  • Updates from Board member’s


NEXT MEETING:  6/13//18


Minutes: April 18, 2018

April 18, 2018
Calvert Substance Abuse Services
280 Stafford Road
Barstow, Maryland 20610

David Gale                                   Kristy Kidwell                       
Andrea McDonald-Fingland             Dr. Laurence Polsky              
Cynthia Middleton                          Doris McDonald
Patricia Estep                                Jennifer Moreland
Jason Phelan                                 Dave Spigler
JoAnn Adams                                Nicole Ukoumunne
Cheryl Harms         
David Gale, CSA Director, called the meeting to order

Adoption of Minutes:  The minutes from February 2018 were distributed and approved.

  • Presentation by Sue Billick – New Proposal on Homeless in Calvert County
  • Open Doors of Calvert- Proposes to establish a facility in Prince Fredrick that will serve as a Residence and job- training center for the homeless- The facility will complement our current homeless shelter, Project Echo by offering wrap-around services not currently available to homeless of this county – ( See attached flyer for more details) Suggestions made were looking for alternative location.

•     Old Business:

  • Annual Plan Review held on 4/10/2018 with BHA.
  • Minor changes to data required and c
  • BHA – Comments on the Plan review
    Overall it’s a good plan and most of the templates were included with some analysis.
    P.18- Missing Table title, Incorrect percentages on graph, Request for Date graph format for goals next FY. Suggested using more infusion of peer Information to Next year’s plan
  • New Business:
  • Financial disclosure forms Form board members are due – Everyone has completed.
  • Reviewed application and resume for Board Member applicant Sara David – all board members voted and accepted Sara David our newest board member  (Unanimously)  approval to be sent to commissioners – and will schedule a meet and greet and the next board meeting in June.
  • Mental Health Court Overview & current status – David Gale/Wayne Millette Lead Judges – Judge Wells (Circuit) and Judge Saunders (district) Deputy States Attorney for Calvert county- Catherine Marsh will be the Lead person. This will cut down on arrests, Hospital admissions and detention center needs. Doris McDonald will be accepting referrals from Jails, Courts and attorneys.  All persons will need to be evaluated by team to determine if they meet the criteria. Doris McDonald will have reports/admin complete to send within 48hrs.  After that process is complete and person is accepted a social worker will complete a Psychiatric evaluation.
  • Program Update from CSA Adult Coordinator - Wayne Millette

                    (Presented by Cynthia Middleton)

  • All 6 Months audits were completed on schedule, no issues were identified.
  • Quarterly bus passes were received, 90% have been issued
  • We only have 3 (as of today) local 10 ride passes left
  • If possible who can we talk to in order to get some monthly bus passes especially for our county residents currently leaving at project echo?
  • Calvert County Mental Health Court just had their second meeting, went very well, I am creating releases for Deputy States Attorney Ms. Marsh, this program will make a huge difference in future hospital stays and or incarcerations
  • Ms. Doris helped us get a few more appointments for the Hospital Diversion Program, we are very grateful for her support in acquiring the extra appointments
  • We have requested ( and since received approval) from the state to pay off some co-pay medication balances at Genoa Pharmacy, from the leftover funds from the Client /Consumer support Adult & Pharmacy Grant.
  • The State did approve for FY19 for the Psychogeriatric Assessment  and Treatment program (CCPAT) from employing a nurse to using a Medical Social worker ( Must be a LC though)
  • On Our Own Numbers have exceeded their Grant requirements


  • Program Update from CSA Child & Adolescent Coordinator -  Cynthia Middleton
  • Consumer Support – Child & Adolescent Funds-
    We have not used anymore of these funds since January, however now is the time for summer camp registrations to start. So I expect that over the next 2 months we will use a lot of the remaining $8,517.17.
  • Emergency Psychiatric services (EPS) – Completed the Mid-year audit at the end of February with no issues found. Currently they have exceeded their yearly goal by 162 which means that they will have seen 1,162 clients through March.
  • Family Navigation – completed their Audit in March, with no issues found. If anything their reporting of community services had improved and with the addition of computer based documentation will only get stronger. They have met 60% of new referrals in both Calvert (12) and Charles (12) Counties and 50% in St. Mary’s (10) County. They are definitely on track to meet if not exceed their goals. They have completed 2 outreach presentations, 9 support groups and 1 workshop this year.
  • PATH- Just completed the Mid-year audit in March. They are on target to exceed their yearly goals. A total of 345 services have been provided to 49 individuals (115 persons- 600 services )
  •  Jail –The Mid-year audit was also completed at the end of March, So far they report that there were 445 visits for therapy, evaluation and case management at the detention center, which is 55% of the 800 visits stipulated by the grant award. Of these visits 192 were unduplicated which exceeds their 180 required individuals by 12. There were also 22 group sessions.  


  • Adult Consumer Funds –   Received approval to use the unspent funds to outstanding co-pay   balances at Genoa Pharmacy for MH patients – Total Award amount 11,500- Spent 531.00
  • Annual Board member Re-appointment – All board members interested in being Re-appointed  were notified to submit their re-appointment applications and return ASAP
  • Calvert County Government – Jennifer Moreland –

  • Addressed the Tri-Ad House Water damage Issue, Property used to be owned by Calvert county and was turned over to the state Approx. 5 yrs. Ago.  It has been determined that SMNC will be responsible for the damage due to having Renters insurance and not Homeowners insurance as the contract stated-  The hope was to get the state to sell this property to SMCN for 1$ to allow them to then be eligible for 2 possible grants that would allow them to repair the water damage. Since then the state has opted not to sell for 1$ But is asking fair market value of $550,000. Which at this time is not an option for SMCN. Waiting for information from the State to move forward. Approximate damage is estimated at 50/60K
  • Veterans Affairs- Dave Spigler 
  • Since last meeting, Budget was approved by legislature to waiver 15,000 tax exempt pay. Number of Homeless vets has decreased- With recognition that they need help.
  • Behavioral Health Update- Doris McDonald –
  • Added 2 peer support recovery specialists – Doris has requested to use one of these persons to come to the ER to speak with Overdose patients (On prevention)
  • First Responder Banquet scheduled for July – All stations have been invited
  • Development of Rapid Response – New Nurse Practitioner to help with conductions 
  • OOO- On Our Own – JoAnn Adams –
  • Annual Ocean City Conference scheduled June 7-8th
  • Annual Luau @ Calvert County Fair Grounds on June 14th

Next Board Meeting scheduled for June 13, 2018

Respectfully submitted,

Kristy Kidwell
Office Supervisor

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