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Calvert County Local Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes


Calvert County Local Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council Meeting
October 23, 2019


  • Andrea McDonald- Fingland


  • Approval of minutes for August CSA Board meeting. 
  • Announcements
  • LBHA to begin leading the LDAAC meetings
  • CSA and LAA have merged and are now known as LBHA

            (Local Behavioral Health Authority)

  • LBHA will have a new location at the DuPont Building by Mid-November 

Old Business:

  • 1st Quarter Monitoring was completed and Submitted to BHA. Conference call with Mr. John Newman was held on October 10 2019. Only a couple small errors were noted and are easily fixable.
  • FY19 Rollover has also been completed and Submitted. We should have approval status by Mid- December.  
  • We currently have 1st quarter (quarterly) passes (which Are assigned to specific consumers). We are out of the $20 bus passes until November,1 2019 and NO 10 ride passes until DSS Receives passes to share. The consumer Support funds used to purchase the 30- $20-dollar bus passes per month has proven to be a huge success throughout the community. The past 2 months we have expended the 30 passes allotted by Mid- Month.
  • LBHA Integration Updates/ Local Systems Management Integration 

New Business:

  • FY20 Contracts – LBHA is still waiting for some of FY20 Approved Budgets and COA’s for the two of the LAA Grants and 2 of the MH Grants. This delay was likely caused by incorrect or missing information that needed corrections when received by LBHA.
  • On Our Own –Introduction of the New OOO Director – Danielle Johnson
    On Our Own of Calvert has moved to a new Location: 120 Jibsail Drive Prince Frederick, MD 20678
  • MAHBA - Retreat Updates
  • LBHA New Hire - We are excited to announce our newest team member that will step into the Substance Abuse Coordinator position starting Nov,13th.
  • LBHA New Location; We will be moving to a new location by Mid- November located at the DuPont Building in Prince Frederick. More details to come as available.

Strategic Partner / Sub-Committee Updates:

  • LBHA would like to request approval from Members to combine the next CSA Board meeting with the LDAAC Council (Likely to be held in December) to discuss what the Integration should look like as a possible merged council or board.
  • We will need to create a new brochure that reflects name change, address, contact info as well as Mission statement, Vision statement, Goals and responsibility all of which will be done within the board.

Funding opportunities:

  • SOR Grant- RFP out and The LBHA will be Re-applying to continue those services.
  • PIGF Grant - LBHA is planning to Submit a proposal for Transitional Housing
  • MOTO- RFP out Anyone with questions or interest can Contact Andrea McDonald –Fingland

Program Updates:

  • Program update from LBHA Coordinators:

Cynthia Middleton
            Wayne Millette

  • Behavioral Health update – Doris McDonald
  • Crisis Intervention Center update – Jennifer Edwards
  • On Our Own- Danielle Johnson  
  • DHS -  Cheryl Harms
  • Calvert County Government – Jennifer Moreland
  • Veteran affairs – Dave Spigler
  • MCF- Nicole Ukoumunne
  • Updates from other Programs

NEXT MEETING:  December 2019- TBD


Minutes October 23, 2019


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