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Calvert County Health Department Core Service Agency Board Agenda and Minutes

Agenda: June 14, 2017

Call to Order

Welcome and Introductions

Business Items:

  • David Gale, CSA Director

Approval of minutes for February CSA Board meeting.

Old Business:

•    SOAR updates
•    Training’s

  • Child Sexuality: Normative Development, Atypical Development & When to Report Abuse - on April 27th, 27 professionals attended.
  • May 24th & 25th hosted Motivational Interviewing with Jen Frey as part of the Jail Re-entry initiative, 22 professionals attended.
  • Trauma Informed Care w/ Monte Ephraim is June 26th.

New Business:

  • Project Chesapeake – new provider, introduction/presentation
  • 4th Quarter monitoring – was conducted on May 30th, reviewed MCCJTP, Urgent Care, Consumer Supports both Adult and Child & Adolescent, Family Navigation, and Emergency Psychiatric Services.
  • FY 2018 Contracts: Contracts have been delivered and to date we have most of them returned. Minor adjustments were made to the Family Navigation contract and funding increased for both OOO and PATH.
  • Budgets: last day to submit invoices for the fiscal year is Friday, June 16, 2017. All budgets are on track with spending with the exception of Urgent Care and Consumer Supports for Adults, rollover money is expended. We were able to purchase 6 months’ worth of bus passes, $3,000.00.

Program Updates:

  • CSA – Loida Walker and Cynthia Middleton
  • Behavioral Health update – Doris McDonald
  • Crisis Intervention Center update – Jennifer Edwards
  • On Our Own – JoAnn Adams
  • DSS - Cheryl Harms
  • Calvert County Government – Maureen Hoffman & Jennifer Moreland
  • Veteran affairs – Dave Spigler
  • Recruitment for Board Vacancies
  • Updates from Board member’s

NEXT MEETING: August 9, 2017! Enjoy your summer!


Minutes: April 12, 2017

April 12, 2017
Calvert Substance Abuse Services
280 Stafford Road
Barstow, Maryland 20610


David Gale 
Loida Walker
Jennifer Edwards
JoAnn Adams
Kristy Wines
Dave Spigler
Cynthia Middleton
Doris McDonald
Sam Bauman
Patricia Estep
Patsy Mitchell

David Gale, CSA Director, called the meeting to order

Adoption of Minutes: The minutes from February 2017 were distributed and approved.

Business items:

• SOAR – Calvert has had one application.  There will be another training in June.

• Annual Plan review – was approved by BHA with a few minor adjustments and add-ons.


o April 6th sponsored, Links Between Substance Abuse and Adolescent Trauma, had 27 professionals attend and all gave excellent review.
o Child Sexuality: Normative Development, Atypical Development & When to
Report Abuse - on April 27th
o In may we will be hosting Motivational Interviewing with Jen Frey as part of the
Jail Re-entry initiative.
o We still have one more in the works – Trauma Informed Care – hoping to have a date for this one soon and complete it before the end of the fiscal year so that we
can spend all of our rollover money.

•    HOPE Act – main legislation approved, Keep the Door Open Act fused with the HOPE Act. Wanting more money for providers, will allow for rates to be increased. Important highlights for the CSA:
o Establish crisis centers in each geo graphical region – 1st  to be established by
o Health Crisis Hotline – for all crisis, 24.7 – statewide line w/specific training for protocols to follow, wants Calvert County to be ready.
o Increase rate paid to providers and adjust rate yearly 3.5% for FY19
o New hospital discharge protocols for overdose and SUD patients – report due
12/1/18 on each hospitals plan.
o Local detention centers develop plan for SUD
o Overdose response program/command center
o Expanded Naloxone availability- eliminated the need for training of the average person, available to everyone.
o Expand Drug Court
o Establish Overdose Fatality Review Team

•    Consumer  Support  funds  –  looking  to  purchase  bus  passes  for  next  year  for  the individuals  that  are currently on  the waiting list  and  receiving $20.00  passes.    Our proposal is to purchase enough passes for 25 individuals for 6 months, as these passes do expire and we do not want to have any left over.  We will look to start purchasing these every 6 months.  Total cost for first 6 months is $3,000.00.
•    4th Quarter monitoring – received the instructions and list of programs that will be audited by BHA.  Site visit is to be scheduled for beginning of June time frame.
•    Preparation of FY 2018 contracts and review of budgets will be done in May.

Program update from CSA Adult Coordinator - Loida Walker:

•    3rd  Quarter Stats have been reviewed and reported on.  To date the Jail program/Court Assessor has had 27 referrals.   Urgent Care has seen a 78% keep rate, and there have been not shortages of appointments.  Federal Block Grant/GOPATS needs to see 80 individuals a year and to date there are only 42.  On February 16th a site visit was conducted on OOO, report was written with findings – is on track for the year and should meet the conditions.
Program update from CSA Child and Adolescent Coordinator – Cynthia Middleton:

•    Consumer Support-child & adolescent funds…have been able to spread the word more about this this grant. Presented again at the IAC meeting and to the school counselors at the Health Dept. Completed 2 applications in March and already have 1 done for April. Bringing our total down to $7793.81.

•    Family Navigations- As mentioned at the last board meeting, the Family Navigations met their mid-year expectations. Out of the recommended 60 new families per county, they currently still need 10-St. Mary’s, 18-Calvert and have exceeded Charles County by 19. They are preforming more community outreach presentations completing 9 so far. So far everything is going very well with them and all their paperwork is being turned in on time.
•    Emergency Psychiatric Services (EPS)-As of March they have exceeded their yearly expectations, coming in at 106 over their projected 1000 people.
•    Path- The program is on track to exceed expectations for this fiscal year. So far 50 unduplicated  clients  receiving  329  services  have  been  reported.  (115  persons,  600 services by June)
•    JAIL- Mid-year Audits were completed at the end of February. The results indicate that the program has exceeded expectations for the first half of the year. There was a total of
457 visits for therapy, evaluation and case management at the detention center which is
64% of the 800 visits required for the year. Of these visits 221 were unduplicated clients were seen exceeding the 180 required by 41.
•    Pharmacy Audit-completed April 11, 2017-only had 3 consumers and 3 prescriptions.
But files were in order. Grant allows 25 individuals and 40 prescriptions per fiscal year.

Crisis Intervention Center update with Jennifer Edwards:

•    Have been dealing with a lot of trauma cases lately and have needed to work on self-care with the staff.
•    Fun Run is April 29th at Calvert High
•    May 5th & 6th volunteer training classes.
•    Currently working on getting in the grants.

Veteran Affairs – Dave Spigler:

•    Spoke about an article that highlights the current drug problem within the Navy Seals.
•    Wife and I received a community service award.
•    On June 30th  @ Chesapeake Hills Golf Course there will be a tournament/charity event for various charities like Special Olympics.  Bayside Toyota has donated 2 vehicles

Doris McDonald – BHC:

•    Will host a training on June 12th  with Monte Ephraim on Links Between Substance
Abuse and Adolescent Trauma.

JoAnn Adams – OOO:

•    Annual Luo is coming up, free event on June 15th from 5-9 p.m. at the Calvert County
Fair Grounds.
•    Annual conference in Ocean City is coming up, have 3 rooms and 15 people who are showing interest in going.
•    Safe Nights program ended last Sunday, they brought belonging’s that were never claimed over to the center.  We are holding them for a week to be claimed.

Respectfully submitted, Kristy Wines
Office Supervisor

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